About us

American Financial Literacy Organization

About us

American Financial Literacy Organization

AFLO Consists of a Financially Powerful Group of men and women….. economically powerful today! 



The Ability To Handle All Business And Relationships Properly And At The Highest Level.



The Ability To Accomplish The Tasks And Challenges To Reach Your Goals.



The Single-Mind Drive To Be Able To See Past All The Adversity, Get It Done And Past The Finish Line.

AFLO Mission

It is AFLO’s mission to bring real wealth-building opportunities to American Families. We are achieving this by teaching communities how to use debt to build wealth. In addition, we help our members build passive income in industries in which we are already earning passive income, such as Trucking, Crypto, Airbnb, and Luxury Rentals.

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“We are living in exciting times, Ladies & Gentlemen. The financial industry of old is changing right in front of our eyes. And for those of us that adapt with the times (through learning new information and taking advantage of new opportunities) we are positioning ourselves to be a part of this inevitable future that exists.” ~ AFLO Member

Between Airbnb, Turo, Bitcoin, and CryptoCurrency it is a known fact that the digital products of the future are replacing the brick and mortar industries of old.

Through these unique opportunities that exist, the Citizens of AFLO are doing more than just making money; they are positioning themselves to be a part of the inevitable future of the world.

We have less than 30 years to position our bloodlines correctly, the year 2053 to be exact. And the clock is ticking.

Are you ready to take advantage of the future?

Excited to Join our Organization

How to Avoid poverty

in the world undergoing a financial and technology revolution

Imagine a world where a Pandemic sweeps the globe, there is an over-printing of money to sustain economies, a lack of trust between citizens and Government, and an emerging technologically advanced world existing all at the same time.

That would be chaos.

"Order through Chaos"

“Most people aren’t paying enough attention to what is happening right in front of their faces. The world as we know it has already collapsed. Bitcoin is here, and countries are adopting it. Virtual Reality is here, now. This is NOT the future. Facebook just changed its name to Meta (short for Metaverse). The world as we knew it is done and a new world, a more technologically advanced world of the future, is quickly emerging. If we want to save our families, We MUST have our hands in this new world. It is that serious.” ~ AFLO Member

AFLO (American Financial Literacy Organization) is a financial education and fin-tech investment company that is committed to being at the forefront of all tech-related opportunities that can make our members a ton of money.

From Airbnb & Turo to Bitcoin and Crypto AI Trading Technologies, it is a known fact that the digital opportunities of the future are replacing the brick and mortar industries of old.

You don't need a lot of money to make tons of money with AFLO

Financial Revolution

See the Future

building Wealth

Financial Focus

It is AFLO’s mission to bring wealth-building opportunities to American Families. 

True wealth comes in the form of Assets, Properties, and Resources. With that in mind, AFLO’s focus is on using cash to build cash flow businesses in Trucking, Airbnb, Turo, Crypto, and NFTs. All through which our members financially benefit.