Frequently Asked Questions​​


Most frequent questions and answers

The members of AFLO have been fundraising for clients for seven years separately. We came together, under the AFLO umbrella, in January of 2020. 

AFLO’s current Headquarters are in New York City. Currently, we operate remotely in Miami and New York City.

We work with all major banking institutions. Your funding would come from 1 or more of our many banking relationships.

The Interest varies depending on your credit history. However, this is not something that you have to worry about. The interest rate is included in your contract with us and will be paid back from the assets we purchase as a company.

We only invest in 1 of 4 areas: Crypto, Airbnb, Exotic Car Rentals, and Trucking. The investment we choose will be determined by the time of year. So, generally, no. However, there may be multiple hot investments at certain times of the year, and we can offer options at that time. 

Any American citizen can become an investor with us. 

You must have a 680 credit score to qualify for our funding products or $50,000 cash.

The contracts are generally one year but can be adjusted on a case-by-case basis.

Yes, you can use cash. The minimum is $50,000, and the Interest you receive is determined based on the amount you loan to us.

The amount of your Interest is explicitly determined by the amount our lenders approve for you. Generally, it is between 10% & 20%. 

If you are getting started with the 680+ credit qualifications, you have no upfront cost. If you do not have the credit qualifications, the cost is determined by how much you want to pay. Please see our memberships page. Http://

  1. There are many ways to earn income with AFLO. You can make money as an investor. You must have a 680+ credit score to be approved for our financing products or $50,000 in cash.
  2. You can make money by bringing qualified clients with 680+ credit scores. With this, you will earn points on the loans that they get and retain and 1 – 5% equity interested in the assets we acquire with their money. 
  3. You can make money bringing non-qualified members who want to become a member and take advantage of our incredible compensation plan. See this page for more details can make money reselling any of our wonderful products: Crypto, Airbnb, Trucking, Exotic Car Rental, Social Media Marketing, and the many more coming to our community.
  4. In our community, we teach you how to sell each product. We highly suggest that you start with one activity (the one you are most passionate about) and begin using our sales techniques to generate clients using that endeavor. Once you brand yourself in the ways we suggest, you will get results quickly, and the rest is history.


Yes. If you become a Lender, you retain a 5% equity interest in the LLC that owns those assets. If you are a member and bring on investors, you maintain a 5% equity interest in all of the LLCs your investors buy (extreme value here). If you bring members and meet our Membership sales qualifications, you can enter into our 5% leadership pool and receive 5% of the company’s net profits paid out quarterly. This 5% pool is paid out to all Elite Leaders in that pool. 

No. The funded monies will be used for a very specific endeavor. We will have an idea of what we are looking to do once we know exactly how much you are pre-approved for one. Once your total funds are in, we will provide you with a complete outline of the endeavors we are getting involved in. This process happens immediately after you begin the process.  

Shortly after you are funded and the signed contract are in, we will give you a step-by-step checklist of the next moves we will be making with your money. After this checklist is completed, you will receive a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly report regarding your endeavor. Note* All of our projects, unless specified otherwise, are monthly passive cash flow endeavors. So, you would be receiving notifications and cashback monthly unless otherwise identified. 

The beautiful thing about our product is that we have a high ticket item. With a high ticket item, you can make a significant amount of cash with one sale instead of a low ticket item where you need a lot of sales to earn a substantial income. For example, one client can make you up to $2,800 upfront and up to 5% of that client’s monthly residuals on the back end. So, the speed you want to make cash with us will determine how many people you want to bring. 

As a member, you’re paid weekly. As a client, you’re paid monthly. Every client automatically becomes a member. If you want to maximize your income as a client, you will master and perform the member activities while making passive income from your loans.

No. There is no upfront cost to being funded, and all broker fees will be paid from your investment endeavor. So, there will be no out-of-pocket expense for you.