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AFLO is not a job;
AFLO is your business!

By joining AFLO, you now have a Digital Office, a Curriculum that will shift your mindset on the financial system, and all of the top financial tools you need to create unlimited wealth for yourself.

We have given you the tools, we will continue to provide you with more tools, we will teach you how to use those tools, but this is your own business. You have to commit to mastering the information we are introducing to you. You have to build relationships with your leaders, you have to follow the steps, you have to do the fast start training, you have to take our course on how to market and promote your business, you have to implement what you are learning, and you have to put the time in every day (even if it’s just an hour) in order for you to turn this opportunity into True wealth for yourself.

A Million Dollars
is created on the journey,
not at the destination.

Most people have it wrong. They believe that a Million dollars is a destination. They don’t realize that you have to make million-dollar moves every day, and those daily movements create your success. This is going to include you learning and applying new information every day. The more you do daily, the quicker you get to your goal. The less you do, the longer it will take. My suggestion is for you to do at least 1 – 5 things towards your goal every day.

So you understand how much of a warrior you have with you on this journey; I do 10 – 20 things towards my goal every day. You and I are on this battlefield together.

Set a goal

Your first step towards achieving success is to set a tangible goal. That goal can be a financial goal (I want to make this amount of money) or an impact goal (I want to get my product in front of this many people).

Setting a goal is vital; you must know where you are going to get there. Right now, I want you to set a goal that feels achievable to you over the next 12 months. Is it going to be 120k per year? 120k per month? Whatever your goal is, we are committed to helping you achieve it.

*Write it down, let your team lead know what that goal is, and let’s get it.

Make a Plan of Action.
The concept you are about to learn is truly divine.

Once you set a goal, that goal becomes a direct communication between You & God. You are letting God know that this is what you want, and by the laws of the Universe, God will make way for you to achieve it. With this in mind, the quickest way to expedite this process is to do something called “Reverse Engineering Your Goal.” For example, let’s say you want to make $120k per year. Ask yourself, How much is $120k divided by 12 months? $120,000 per yr / 12 mo= $10,000 per month. Then ask yourself, How much is $10,000 divided by 4 weeks? $10,000 per month / 4 wk= $2,500 per week. Then you ask yourself, According to our compensation plan, How many members do I have to onboard per week to reach $2,500 per week? Then you ask yourself, how many potential people do I have to market my product to per day to close that many people per week. Then ask yourself, What marketing tactics do I have to do to get my product in front of that many people per day?

This process of reverse engineering your goal is so important because you will realize a DAILY ACTIVITY that you must do to achieve your goal.

Now, you don’t have to worry about your goal anymore. All you have to do is make sure you are doing your daily activities to perfection every day. And that daily activity will ensure you reach your goal. Makes sense?

“You don’t have to focus on building a wall. You have to focus on laying the perfect brick every day, and eventually,
you will have the perfect wall.”
~Will Smith~

Celebrate Your Daily Successes

You want to have a celebration when you complete the daily actions you have created to reach your goal. This celebration doesn’t have to be significant. It can be a cigar that you love. It can be going to the spa. It can be hanging out with friends. It can be whatever you want it to be. However, you want to get into the habit of celebrating after accomplishing what you need to achieve for the day. There are a couple of important points here.

  1. You become a millionaire through the actions you take every day. So, if you did your Million Dollar actions for the day, you need to celebrate your future success. By doing this, you train your subconscious mind to want to do more every day.
  2. There is something called a “Dopamine fix”. This Dopamine fix is a pleasure your body experiences when you achieve a goal. A Dopamine fix is the same pleasure you receive from eating sweets (if you like sweets), going to the spa, or doing something you love. By setting a daily goal and achieving it daily, you are giving your body this same satisfaction. And this satisfaction is making your life better.

Build direct communication
with your leaders.

You will only be as successful as the people you listen to and spend your time with. You will never outperform your village. Since you are part of this community, make it a point to communicate with your leaders directly daily. Ask them questions, learn those answers, and become a better consultant. You have to build a habit of texting them, even if it’s to say “What do I need to do today?” Your leaders are people that are also committed to your success. This support is so key.

Commit to learning something
new every day

AFLO provides curriculum and daily audios. We have so many new audios, curriculums, and tools for you to learn from. We are analyzing markets daily. By catching up with all of the material we have given you and listening to at least one of our audios daily, you are now positioning yourself to take advantage of the world’s most elite opportunities.


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